Sports Fans, Well the perfect definition of a sports fan is an enthusiastic devotee of sports. Fans are the biggest assets of any sports. They encourage players to give out their best. Today here we would be discussing The Nepal Cricket Team Fans. Well, Nepal Cricket Team is a top associate nation in terms of fan following. The world had already witnessed and agreed that Nepal Cricket Team fan following is incredible. Let us rewind our memories a year back in 2016 when Nepal played against Namibia in the 3rd round of WCLC in TU Cricket Ground.

Nepalese fans were loud and proud there. Namibian skipper Stephen Braad praised them through his tweets and even ICC praised them through a different medium of Social Media. It was just an example, they showed same intend and energy every time their players enter ground to play. They are always ready to fight for the rights of their players. They had already comes down to road several time with slogan of “Save Nepali Cricket”. They might have thrown bottle in ground after victory in vitality but they used to clean it themselves after a while.

Listen to young Nepalese talking and you will find the conversation centered about cricket especially when Nepal Cricket team is on the ground as a back force of their players. Nowadays, we can find young Nepalese playing cricket in every part of a country. There is no any live television broadcast of almost 90% of Nepal Cricket Team match but somehow, the fans managed to follow them through different sites and Facebook pages. One of the member of NRN, Utsav Sigdel is seen cheering for Nepal Cricket Team in the ground in most of Nepal Matches (Source: Kantipur TV). He is just an example like many NRN brothers that support Nepal Cricket Team from their particular place.

Let us take a deep breath and calmly get into the flashback, what actually is the turning point of Nepal Cricket Team for a fan to act as a crazy Nepali Cricket fan? Who are the main heroes of this turn around? Well, many of the people can give their various views but in my view Nepal taking part In Global Event (ICC World T20) in 2014 have definitely changed the fate of Nepal Cricket team thought and it is an obvious igniting factor for the boost of their hope on their team.

It may have opened the door of many Nepalese youngsters drawing room door to take out their set of bat, ball and stump which they might had kept behind door . It also has changed parent’s mentality over their children playing cricket. It might have also made young Nepalese players feel like they could also achieve success if they keep the hard work. Although all Nepali Cricket players deserve credit for this huge change but two real role models are Nepal Cricket Team Captain Paras Khadka and former coach Pubudu Dassanayake. They do have big hand for this turn around.

In future, Nepal Cricket team fans will keep on following and cheering their heroes on the same way or even on the more crazy way and there is no doubt that their heroes will give their everything to make them proud. The same support is needed in the upcoming matches against Hongkong in the upcoming weeks for the Nepalese Cricket team.

Hong Kong Cricket Team is all set to host Nepal Cricket Team on 6th round of WCL in beautiful venue Mission Road Ground, Mong Kok. It is only one international cricket stadium of Hongkong. It has already hosted four WCLC matches on 3rd and 5th round. Host HongKong don’t have too strong winning record in Mission Cricket Ground which is clearly reflected by their result on WCLC in home matches. They had played four matches here on Mission Road Ground in this competition where they faced a loss in two matches and achieved a win in single match where one match got washout.

Slow bowler used to dominant the play when in comes to Mission Road Ground, Right-arm slow bowler Nadeem Ahmed is the most successful HongKong bowler playing in Mission Road Ground. Dutch china-man spinner Michael Rippon heroic spell of 4 for 67 (vs. HK) in Mission Road Ground would be still fresh in some of our minds. Medium pacer who used to mix up their pace also seems very successful in this venue. Homeboy Tanwir Afzal is the perfect example of it. Here I would like to present you some stats which proved the slow bowler’s dominance in this venue.

Three out of top five leading wicket-taker in this venues are a spinner. They are Nadeem Ahmed, Anshuman Rath and Ehsan Khan with 12, 9 and 4 wicket respectively. There are two bowlers who have bowling average fewer than 13 on this venue and both of them are a spinner. Likewise, there is three bowler who has strike rate under 30 and two of them are spinner where rest one is HK medium pacer, Aizaz Khan. Three out of five bowlers with the best economy rate in this venue is a spinner and rest two are medium pacer including Tanwir Afzal as a successful HK bowler.

So in the lights of talented pair of Sagar Pun, Gyanendra Malla, Paras Khadka, Dipendra Singh Airee, Sharad Vesawkar I guess tackling spinners or slow arm medium pacers would not be that tough task for the Nepalese team. In the agony of crowd’s roar, beneath is the fresh dream to see Nepal on the top with its flag waving among the Himalayas. The Countdown has begun and the players have already tighten their shoe lace. We are hoping for a great fight back as the set is ready for an exciting contest.


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